Winnipeg’s New Rapid Transit Line

In Winnipeg, the transit system is entirely bus based. There are no subways or trains transporting people from stop to stop within this city. Which makes sense since the city of Winnipeg is home to two of the world’s largest bus manufacturers, New Flyer Industries Ltd. and MCI, Motor Coach Industries Ltd..

Winnipeg Transit fair is $2.25 at time of writing. One bus ticket or $2.25 fair can take you from any point to any destination within the city of Winnipeg. If your journey requires more than one bus to reach your destination, ask your bus driver for a free transfer ticket which you can use to board the next bus. Bus Transfer tickets have a relatively short expiry time.

Winnipeg Transit has taken a clever approach to rapid transit

Winnipeg Transit has taken a clever approach to rapid transit by running a dedicated bus corridor along side a rail line. The rapid transit bus corridor will eventually transport passengers from the downtown core to the University of Manitoba at the southern edge of the city.

This rapid transit corridor was only partly constructed at time of writing, currently running from downtown Winnipeg to Jubilee Avenue.

The busses funnel onto the rapid transit corridor from other city bus routes and then zip along the dedicated corridors at speeds of up to 80 km per hour / 50 mph.

Paved walking and cycling paths leading to the modern stations and heated bus shacks. The stops are even equipped with free locker style parking for bicycles.



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